Forget the Money; We Shouldn’t Spend $1.5 Trillion on a Bad Plane

I’ve known a good deal about the downsides of the F-35, but then I read this article by David Axe and now think producing the F-35 is an even worse idea.

If we’re going to be spending $1.5 trillion on a plane we’ll have to rely on in dogfights, we should at least build a plane that can actually beat the planes we currently are using (as well as the planes we’ll be fighting).

I could see history textbooks & professors hundreds of years in the future pinning the decline of American military strength on the F-35.

I have no problem with the money; I have problems putting all national security eggs in one basket with a weapon that will be useless in a real war with another country that actually has real fighter jets and can actually challenge our air supremacy. Although I do have issues with the money given the opportunity cost of building more f-22’s (or something else we’d actually want to use in a dogfight).

I do see value selling inferior hardware to other countries–except if we get into a real war, we’ll want these countries to do the real fighting for us and take the casualties we don’t want to take.

The article doesn’t go into enough detail about how stealth isn’t that big of an advantage anymore and that due to newton’s 2nd law of physics, the f-35’s slow speed combined with a missile bay too small to carry missiles needed in a dog fight, the f-35’s missiles won’t be fast enough to even catch up to 5G Chinese/Russian fighters–unless they are flying towards our missiles. This thing is fine against stationary targets, but a massive liability in the air.

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