Bitcoins and Political Fundraising

I have yet to own a bitcoin–maybe I would if they were still like $13–but I’ve been increasingly following its impact.

With all the recent news in the wake of MaydayPAC, the SuperPAC built to end SuperPACs,  raising $5 million in crowdfunded donations within 30 days, I’ve been thinking more and more about bitcoin and political fundraising.

Turns out, I’m late to the party. Not only did MaydayPAC add bitcoin as a payment option in its last week fundraising effort, but also it turns out that they weren’t even among the first politicians/political interests to fundraise via bitcoin.  A handful of politicians started using it earlier this political cycle, but the first was Bryan Parker, a dynamic candidate running for Mayor of Oakland. He has raised more money than any other candidate in the mayor’s race, and while he was the first accepting bitcoin, it turns out that only a fraction of the donations have come through bitcoins.


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