Nearly-Naked James Franco Is Just Trolling Everyone at This Point1

After hitting on teenage girls and posting his nude paintings of Seth Rogen, James Franco’s Instagram—1,914,822 followers served!—took the logical next step early this morning: A damn-near-nude photo of Franco himself.

It’s down now, because of Instagram’s content policies or Franco’s sense of mystery.

Either way, the actor/poet/MFA/prospective Ph.D. is probably just performing his public persona again, in what he once described as an addictive call-and-response game. But what’s Franco’s endgame? Is there a terrible Joaquin Phoenix-style fake documentary in our future, or a terrible Shia LeBeouf public exhibition? Alternatively, it could be a terrible something else.

Anyway, enjoy this photo where you can almost see the base of actor/director/artist/super-polymath James Franco’s penis.

[Photo: James Franco/Instagram]