Pet Adoption

Sleepy Astro (Lab/Shepherd mix), 1 year old – Pet Adoption

Sleepy Astro (Lab/Shepherd mix), 1 year old - Pet Adoption

Animal control in rural SC were called to a trailer park to “remove the strays.” Astro stood on top of abrrel to get the attention of the AC officers. They rescued him from a huge chain that was wrapped 5 times around the barrel. Astro and his friend, Arnold, were both chained out in the mud. They had no fresh water to drink (only muddy rain water, no food, no shelter. As it turned out, these two dogs were owned by the person who had complained about the “strays.” The owner claimed that he took good care of his dogs. Yet neither had ever been to the vet and were not on flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, and were SO hungry that they were rooting in the mud for food.

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