Excerpt from his final speech after immigration bill was passed:

“I come to the floor at the end of a long but fruitful, bipartisan process. I come here thinking of what this bill will mean for families, and come here thinking of my family – of my mother who came from Cuba, worked hard, and made it possible for me to stand here today, one of one-hundred United States Senators on the verge of passing an historic piece of legislation that she would have wanted me to vote for, a bipartisan compromise that will finally fix our broken immigration system, and bring 11 million immigrants out of the shadows. Not just the millions who have been here for years without status, but the millions more who have been waiting in line to be reunified with their families lawfully.”
Watch the video: http://www.menendez.senate.gov/newsroom/press/senator-menendez-gives-final-remarks-on-immigration-reform

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