“It is impossible to imagine Goethe or Beethoven being good at billiards or golf.” – H. L. Mencken Have a look at Long and Foster’s Fall Luxury Magazine! #BilliardRooms #Garages #WineCellars #PokerRooms.  Long and Foster, Fall Luxury Homes

Interesting New York Times’s piece, written by Sendhhil Mullainathan.  Apparently people tend to think in percentages, not absolute numbers, when bookkeeping their personal finances; however the author reveals that “poorer people tend to value a dollar more consistently, irrespective of the context [than rich people do.]” How to Pinch Pennies in the Right Places Economic View By SENDHIL […]


BECAUSE TECHNOLOGY MATTERS!  #DataDrivenMarketing Working with a realtor, who is certified in Microsoft Excel and proficient in Relative Valuation techniques, allows you to make a real estate decisions confidently and accurately. Like reading the ingredients before deciding on new product at the the grocery store, you should #KnowTheFacts about your home before deciding to buy or sell this […]



When you have property to sell at a premium, you want to work with someone who keeps his finger on the pulse of DC’s housing market, with someone who sets realistic expectations for sellers and who does not jump on the first offer that comes in.

The last few months have been an unforgettable experience, trying find the right buyer in one of the hottest neighborhoods in D.C. Proudly representing the seller of this exchange and selling at 100% of list price.


Now is an excellent time to buy real estate, with elections drawing near; with the expansions of several Universities and Graduate Schools; and with mortgage rates ebbing lower and lower, than what has already been recorded as historically-low.  As the White House fills up, we should expect to see a tide of new renters, buyers and […]


Laura Kusisto, with The Wall Street Journal, writes an insightful article about how Britain’s decision to leave the EU, may lower the already historically low mortgage rates. We have already seen rates as low as 3.5%, since the vote Brexit has caused uncertainty in the European market, causing investors to bank out of many stock options and to […]

Long and Foster Christie’s International Real Estate launches new website that provides valued customers and agents, with a unique experience for finding the perfect home. *8/2/16* I just learned that company first launched website in 1995, only five years after the dawn of the internet (circa. 1990).    #Avant-Garde #Pioneering — See timeline video (music on point!):