It’s nice to see Ben Carson making headlines again!  Allan Smith, with Business Insider, reveals Carson’s top picks for VP’s should Trump win the election: John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Chris Christie   Ben Carson spilled the beans on Donald Trump’s possible vice-presidential picks Allan Smith 2h 22,688 17 FACEBOOK LINKEDIN […]


Washington Post columnist, Michael Lerner, writes an insightful report titled, “Spring started early for D.C. housing market.” This text paints an inviting picture for #NewHomeBuyers who are looking to purchase fee simple townhomes in Washington D.C; he adds insight to those searching for a condo alternative; lastly, he identifies the most typical price ranges as  $300-400k and $600-800k. Spring […]


What a gripping title.  Hard not read this article, when BI uses #Dictator #HomeopathicHealer and #Genocide all in one sentence… A dictator turned homeopathic healer is finally going to face a genocide verdict Thomas Escritt and Toby Sterling, Reuters Thomson ReutersBosnian Serb wartime leader Radovan Karadzic appears for his appeals judgement at the International Criminal […]


Not literally, read article written by UrbanTurfStaff for more info: Renderings Highlight 5,000 Square-Foot Residence at The Helicopter Factory March 7, 2016 by UrbanTurf Staff Rendering of the mansion courtyard. Click to enlarge. The redevelopment of a factory that used to make parts for helicopters in Columbia Heights will include one of the largest homes […]


Alexander Burns and Nick Corasaniti, with the New York Times, write one of the many reports on Donald Trump’s victory at last night’s Nevada Caucuses. These two do a good job implementing STRONG LANGUAGE that urges the reader to keep reading and sit like land mines in the text. To name a few: “where Mormon voters and rural activists wield […]


Megan Willett, with Tech Insider, interviews Dan Lee about his remarkably productive routine that begins each morning at 3am, offering sound advice on planning ahead. New Goal: Write down your plan. “I write down my plan for the following day’s activities before I retire,” he said. “You’ll find that your subconscious will go to work […]


Washington D.C. ranks #7 for “Top 10 Cities With Most Expensive Home Prices,” behind San Francisco, Honolulu, San Jose, Freemont, Scottsdale and Seattle. Consequently, the District has become a hub for investors looking to stow their wealth behind the doors of luxury real estate, under alias and LLC’s.  Washington Fine Properties, one of top producing firms […]


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