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NBA Usher and little kid in an epic dance off

By Sam Laird1 day ago Last week, we brought you footage of an NBA usher and young boy staging a hilariously amazing dance battle on the Jumbotron “dance cam” at a recent Detroit Pistons game. Video of the duo’s incredible moves has been watched more than 8 million times on YouTube. Now they’re back, throwing […]

History of How Friday The 13th Originates

History of How Friday The 13th Originates Fear of Friday the 13th, also known as friggatriskaidekaphobia, plagues our society. The diagnosis brings together “Frigg,” a Norse goddess and Friday’s namesake, and  “triskaidekaphobia,” fear of the number 13 in general. Every year, the world loses $700 to $800 million on Friday the 13th because people won’t […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Might Play a Viking King

Leonardo DiCaprio Might Play a Viking King Leonardo DiCaprio is already thinking about playing 19th-century Russian badass/mystic Grigori Rasputin, but he’s also getting in the mix with a movie about Vikings. The project is called King Harald, and Vacancy writer Mark L. Smith is penning it with DiCaprio in mind. “The subject: Harald Hardrada, the 11th Century conqueror who has […]

Last Night on Chelsea Lately: Watch Lindsay Lohan’s Monologue Lindsay Lohan took over for Chelsea Handler last night on Lately, and with a “lovely court-ordered vacation in Malibu” behind her, she delivered on her promises of being “happy, healthy,” and actually pretty funny. She even thanked Anthony Weiner, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber for picking up the paparazzi slack during her absence. Watch […]

Fire Wagon circa 1842

When I first saw these all I could think about was “Gangs of New York” Sign reads: “Developed in Philadelphia in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, this engine style was pulled by hand to a fire. Pump handles (called brakes) and standing boards could be folded up to maneuver through crowded streets. With […]

Graham (R) considers war with Iran while America is $16 Trillion in debt

Graham (R) considers war with Iran while America is $16 Trillion in debt We just got out of a War that contributed to our $16,740,446,280,396.95.  For those who can’t count that high that equals over 16 trillion dollars.  Not that I want Iran to build another Nuclear weapon, but they’ll do it anyways!  They do […]

National History Museum

I spent Sunday morning in the National History Museum in downtown Washington, DC. These old wagons brought me back to the old days of playing Oregon Trail on old school Apple computers. Should I  ford the river or dock the wagon and float it?

Summer butterfly

I came home for lunch and saw this butterfly, plus two bumble bees pollinating a plant outside my house. What a beautiful sight! Got me thinking about the whole pollination process and the crucial role bees and butterflies play in it.

About – The Liberal Critique

About. About Are you sick of the media telling you how to think?  Well I am.  No this isn’t a used car commercial, but it is a pitch.  Every automaton out there (by which I mean just about everyone), blindly follows the loudest voice simply because it drowns out all the others.  Now is the […]

Guy fishing in the potomac


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