From a millennial’s perspective all new products must be tied to a new or emerging technology – the less known the technology the better, because that indicates an untapped market.  This article shares some interesting trends that mark the beginning of a new era of entrepreneurs; not surprisingly many of the idea here are apps […]

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Two Childrens’ Rights activists, Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India, share the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. Malala, only seventeen years old, is the youngest recipient of the prize since it began in 1901. Kailash is a seasoned campaign organizer, who has helped Malala prosper and initiate an immediate platform to broadcast her […]


NEW LITTER OF 7 PUPPIES AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION IN ARLINGTON, VA!! -Five-weeks old, both male and female -All vaccinated -Husky/Shepard mix -Size: medium-large -Ready for pickup 10/18, accepting applications for adoption now, ABOUT THE LITTER: The mother was found as a stray in Richmond, VA about a month ago.  She was extremely pregnant and taken […]

Confused….doesn’t Adderal make you a more attentive driver?  #whoops Amanda Bynes was having a relatively quiet 2014 until yesterday, when she was arrested for driving under the influence of a “controlled substance.” Today, TMZ reports that the substance was a stimulant: Adderall. She may have also been smoking weed. Amanda Bynes Breaks Silence by Getting […]

I mostly enjoy reading softer news, instead of thinking critically about the actual threat of military involvement overseas.  The difference between “soft” and “hard” news is illustrated be headlines like “The Unveiling of the iPhone 6″ versus “Merciless End to Peace Fire in Israel.”  Soft news are human interest pieces designed to entertain the reader, […]

Interesting look at some well known cities and towns across the country.  Not surprisingly, the tech start-up capitol of the world, Palo Alto takes the #5 spot, and has a staggeringly higher median income and median home price compared to the others. On a side note, I see these “Best Places to Live” articles all […]

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I met up with a foster the other day who needed some new photos and we had a great day at the park. Read more below: Breed Estimate: Black and Tan Coonhound mix Gender: Male Approximate weight: 34 lbs Approximate age: 10 months-1 year old Location: Foster home…


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