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Nice piece by Rob Rozansky, the principal of The Rozansky Group of Long & Foster and Washington Post blogger, about the upside and downside of buying in DC right now.  Think: Interest Rates, New Development, and Fragility. Here is the article below: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/where-we-live/wp/2015/03/31/what-to-watch-in-the-washington-area-housing-market-this-year/ What to watch in the Washington-area housing market this year By Brad Rozansky March 31 Residential […]


Bennett Buchanan quit his day job years ago to open a micro-brewery, with a few friends, in San Francisco ‪#‎AmericanDream‬. I am proud to announce that the Old Bus Tavern team will soon be opening its doors to all the chili-craving / beer-guzzling patrons in the Bay area. Donate today for some free beer and […]


Available for adoption at 8 weeks on February 27th. Breed Estimate: Cocker Spaniel/Black Lab Gender: 3 Male / 7 Female Approximate weight: about 5lbs now, will be about 40-50lbs when full grown Personality: sweet, snuggly & goofy puppy The adoption fee for this dog is $350. Please contact your HT rep to learn about exclusive […]


A Washington Post article was recently emailed addressing Zillow.com inaccurate ‘Zestimates,’ Zestimates are online real estate appraisals based on Google search and tax benefits.  According to the research below a Zestimate matches a Sales Price 3% of the time.  On average the Zestimate is +/- 25% a recorded price, which equals +/-$250,000 per $1,000,000.  Not a […]


Business Insider captures some great photos of the President’s armored Limo.  It costs about $1.5M, assembled in Detroit, and gets a whopping 3.7 miles to the gallon! There is no car like the president’s armored limo — aka ‘The Beast’ AMANDA MACIAS FEB. 10, 2015, 8:05 AM Designed from the ground up by the Secret […]


More to come… Business Insider article by Shane Ferro.  Published 1.22.15 http://www.businessinsider.com/saudi-king-abdullah-is-dead-2015-1 SHANE FERRO Saudi Arabia’s 91-year-old King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has died, according to multiple reports. Last week he was admitted to the hospital in Riyadh for “medical checks” at the end of December. Next in the line of succession is Abdullah’s half-brother, Salman, who is […]


Pretty horrifying tattoos on this con’s face. This Man May Be A Convicted Criminal, But He Looks Like A Demon JANUARY 9, 2015 http://eyeball.viralnova.com/eyeball-tattoo/?mb=vnfb1 There are some scary-looking folks with tattoos in the world. However, they’re all pretty nice people, for the most part. Yet the creepy looking eyeball tattoo of 30-year-old Jason Barnum of Anchorage, Alaska, perfectly matches […]


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