Luke Buchanan

As a realtor, I use both Trulia and Zillow.  These sites provide web exposure and occasionally generate weak leads that cause me to wake up early Saturday or Sunday to show a house to an unprepared buyer, who changes his/her mind at the front door.  This merger means little to me beyond creating the convenience […]

And to think: went for $9.99 in 2013! (syke)   MILLION-DOLLAR URLS: The Most Expensive Domain Names Of All Time Alyson Shontell   Jul. 22, 2014, 4:08 PM 683,833 6 facebook linkedin twitter google+ AP See Also The 10 Worst Apple Products Of All Time Can You Identify These Brands By Their Signature […]

  Interesting title….Apple “Cannibalizing”   The 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Will ‘Cannibalize The iPad, Which Is A Good Thing’ Jay Yarow   Jul. 23, 2014, 9:05 AM Martin Hajek Apple’s June quarter was pretty much a snooze, with everything in line with expectations. There was one thing that stood out, though: The iPad was worse than […]

I don’t have the stock so I could care less, but any medical advancement in breast cancer research is worth celebrating!  WOOT! : – D A Biotech Stock Is Up Nearly 300% After Announcing A Breast Cancer Drug Breakthrough Sam Ro     Yahoo Finance Shares of Puma Biotechnology are up 296% right […]

Here is what I found most surprising about this this Business Insider report was North Korea: North Korea has 100% literacy rate! ( skeptical :-/ ) There are 28 state approved haircuts – 14 for woman & 14 for men – communism at its finest :-) North Korea has the 4th largest standing army ( […]

I have yet to own a bitcoin–maybe I would if they were still like $13–but I’ve been increasingly following its impact. With all the recent news in the wake of MaydayPAC, the SuperPAC built to end SuperPACs,  raising $5 million in crowdfunded donations within 30 days, I’ve been thinking more and more about bitcoin and […]

I’ve known a good deal about the downsides of the F-35, but then I read this article by David Axe and now think producing the F-35 is an even worse idea. If we’re going to be spending $1.5 trillion on a plane we’ll have to rely on in dogfights, we should at least build a […]


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